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Online Library

Computer and new technology are opening up area of new opportunities for visually challenged people around the globe. Visually Impaired People started using computer in Pakistan in 1998. In 14-15 years it opened up a new world for them. By recognizing significance of new technology, PFFB took step of digitizing books back in year 2010. Initially text books were digitized and after that the organization started digitization of pleasure listening books also. More than 200 books are digitized. Now as per demand, it is essential for PFFB to make available books online, so visually impaired community can access from their homes.


  • Easy access towards Audio and E-books
  • International recognition for PFFB
  • increasing in volume of subscribers


  1. This service is for online visually impaired community and a non commercial service.
  2. Every member will be given exclusive user name and password after receiving membership form.
  3. After review and verification of the individual’s documents (disability certificate), user name and password will be allocated to the online user.
  4. At a time online user can listen two books one week. Whereas E-books will be able to download related to educational level of the subscriber.
  5. PFFB’s Administration reserves the right to allow and reject any subscriber’s application on basis of verification of documents.

Register for Online Library

Please complete this form in order to use PFFB’s online library: