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Mrs. Nasrin Mansoor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness (PFFB) has more than 40 years of experience as an Educationist / College Principal and a Community Worker. She joined PFFB as its CEO in 2010 and is dedicatedly serving the Organization for the past seven years. During these years, with her futuristic vision and progressive approach, she has transformed PFFB to a growing entity making it one of the best leading national organizations working for the welfare of visually impaired persons.

Under the dynamic leadership and skillful guidance of Mrs. Nasrin Mansoor, PFFB has covered a number of milestones resulting purely from her initiatives and ingenuity. The list is long but only a few pertinent ones are mentioned below:

  • The first and foremost being the ambitious transition from a rented building to a permanent office which the Organization now owns;
  • Establishment of IT Center Accessible Computer Labs at Muhammad Bin Qasim Multan, Government Institute Swat, Government Razia Sultana Foundation Attock, Light House School for Blind Girls Abbottabad and Government Special Education Complex Quetta;
  • Launching of PFFB’s innovative training sessions on Personality Grooming, Art & Craft & Jewelry Making Skills and Cooking Lessons for visually impaired - the skills which would definitely go a long way in helping the visually impaired to regain their confidence and self-esteem making them productive members of the society; and Publication of Biannual Newsletter - English & Urdu Versions - for disseminating information regarding the major activities of PFFB round the year so as to raise awareness about the existence of visually impaired community and also to have a networking at the national level.

In line with her vision Mrs. Nasrin Mansoor has always encouraged PFFB Team to focus on Training and Development initiatives for visually impaired persons as the conventional education does not prepare them fully to confront the realities of life. She believes that by fulfilling their customized needs PFFB can bring a positive change in their lives –they can join the main stream through acquiring appropriate skills.She has in fact a strong faith in the power of “Training & Development” and is aiming at to make this aspect of learning as mandatory for all the visually impaired beneficiaries of PFFB. In her opinion it is a rewarding journey leading the Special Persons to regain their self-esteem as they become useful members of the society. Being so enthusiastic about this aspect of education she always makes it a point to personally visit,despite her busy schedule, every institution where PFFB is providing training services support.

Yet another of her key focus area is building linkages on national level through meeting people and visiting organizations working for visually impaired persons. In order to gain further ground in this direction, PFFB has started organizing Workshops annually where the national level Organizations dealing with Special Persons are invited to participate. Mutual dissemination of information highlights a very rewarding experience. Undertaking of such bold measures of networking and collaborative efforts has resulted in the augmentation of the mission of PFFB assigning it a boarder spectrum which augurs well for the future of the Organization.

On the administrative side, Mrs. Nasrin Mansoor strongly believes in quality work coupled with cost effective management. She has been endowed with a natural aesthetic sense along with the quality trait of timely decision making. As a result she knows well how to get even the grand events happen on time and with a style. For meeting all the challenges of the specific field of Special Persons and in order to accomplish the difficult targets, she reposes full confidence in her team and delegates authority to equally responsible members of the team. Such a positive approach has always been productive and fruitful while the hard work put in by the team gets duly acknowledged and appreciated.

Gifted with a missionary zeal, Mrs. Nasrin Mansoor apart from focusing her energies on the development of PFFB is equally keen to contribute effectively in terms of time as well as monetary support to other organizations working for the cause of Special Persons.Currently she is represented on the General Bodies of Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organization (REDO), DARAKHSHAN – A Project of Association for Special Persons (ASP), Rawalpindi and CHAMBELI – Institute of Special Children / The Society for Mentally Handicapped Children, Rawalpindi. She supports their plans and charter of duties unequivocally and feels quite enthusiastic to get those implemented.